Permit Application

Please call the Transfer Station,
if you have questions.

The new permits will be good through
June 30, 2025


*If you are not serviced by a private hauler registered with the Town of New Canaan
*If you are serviced by a private hauler that is registered with the Town of New Canaan Health and Transfer Station Departments. (You will need to upload your most recent trash hauler invoice to this application.)

The Permit Fee at July 1, 2024 remains the same as last year:

Please note, the annual fee is not prorated depending upon the time of year purchased.

Applicant can register up to two vehicles per household. (Proof of registration is required with the online application to be uploaded or emailed to NOTE: If you purchased a Permit last year and provided the registration information, you do not need to provide the registration copy again. If you have replaced one of the vehicles, please provide a copy of the new registration.